• Testimonals

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  • Children

    • “My confidence got better since starting Sportitude, I always get my A for attitude sticker.”

      Year 4 Pupil.
    • “I really like sports day as we cover lots of different activities so everyone can be good at something. I also like the bit where we our classes are introduced over the microphone to music and we get to wave and everyone is clapping us.”

      Year 5 Pupil.
    • “I like playing treasure island. I showed my Mummy and we play it in the garden with my Sisters on nice days.”

      Year 1 Pupil.
    • “PE used to be boring and rubbish when I wasn’t very good. With Sportitude its really fun and I’m definitely much better than last year.”

      Y6 Pupil.
  • Staff

    • “As both a TA and midday supervisor, I have learned so much in Sportitude lessons that I now use at lunchtime play.

      Mrs. P.
    • “I regularly give up a little of my PPA time to watch or join in with Sportitude lessons. I’ve picked up loads of stuff that I can use. Sometimes when I’m in a bind, I simply repeat the last Sportitude lesson and the children love it as much as the first time around.”

      Mr. A.
    • “The Sportitude planning and assessment sheets are so useful. They tell me how individuals and the group are getting on as well as telling what they actually did in the lesson. The assessment really helps me to write the PE part of their reports.”

      Miss. V.
    • “The most important thing is that every single child in my class always has a brilliant time.”

      Mrs. S.
  • Families

    • Sportitude seems to have instilled this sort of ‘I try to win but it doesn’t matter if I don’t” attitude in my son. It’s really quite impressive.

      Y2 Mum
    • My child was not keen on sports until they began Sportitude now he can not wait to share what stickers he has earned each week.

      Y5 Dad
    • I have noticed some improvements in my daughters physical abilities after a couple of terms of Sportitude lessons. She is definitely becoming more co-ordinated and has better balance. Also, she seems to be more aware of her surroundings than before.

      Y4 Dad
    • On a Tuesday morning I can guarantee that my son will check that I have packed his PE kit before he even gives me a kiss! He is often disappointed on those days when I remind him its half term.

      Y6 Mum