Terms of Service

  • Terms & Conditions

    Sportitude Ltd. Subscription Website.
    1. Definitions of Terms

     “We”, “Us”, “Our” and “Sportitude” refer to Sportitude Ltd.

    “You”, “Customer”, “Subscriber” and “Member” refers to the school or academy.

    “The Parties” or “Parties” refers to the customer and Sportitude Ltd.

    “3rd Parties” refer to any individual or organisation that is not a customer or an employee of a customer school/academy.

    2. Ownership of Subscription & Customer Liability

     Memberships or subscriptions are made in the name of the school or academy, not an individual.

    Therefore individuals may not transfer ownership of a subscription to another institution in the event of new employment.

    Members are liable for all use of the Sportitude website under their log-in and for the security of the log-in itself. Any misuse of the website or illegal sharing of log-in details by individuals is considered the responsibility of the customer school/academy.

    3. Membership, Licensing and Renewals

    Sportitude is subscription website.

    Subscriptions are for 12 months and are paid in advance.

    All subscriptions include a license to use the Sportitude program and all related materials.

    Schools/academies who have received a Sportitude subscription for free, are considered to be customers and must respect the terms of service/use.

    New customers need to provide all of the information requested and full payment at time of subscription application.

    Subscriptions will be active within 3 working days of the membership account being created.

    Subscriptions are considered to begin at the time of the account becoming “live” rather than the date the subscription was applied for.

    You will be notified when your subscription has 1 month remaining but we will not auto renew your membership.

    Customers whose memberships lapse, will be given a 14 day grace period to renew at the discounted renewal price.

    Any subscription that is not renewed before the end of the grace period will be terminated and if the customer subsequently chooses to renew, the membership will be considered new and will be charged at full price.

    After the termination of a subscription, the customer’s license to use Sportitude is automatically revoked. Schools/Academies may not continue to use Sportitude planning, resources or any other related materials at this point.

    4. Academy Chains

    Academy chains, or other multiple site arrangements, cannot share subscriptions. Memberships are taken out by single site schools or academies.

    Should any academy chain (or similar) wish to discuss a “multi-site” contract, please contact Sportitude directly.

    5. Downloading/Sharing/Copying

    In order that customers can print files and view them on desktop, laptop and tablets, it is necessary for the “download/save” options to be available.

    However, copying/downloading/saving files is strictly prohibited by law.

    All Sportitude files and documents are considered to be intellectual property and are protected by copy write and trademarks.

    If our regular, random usage checks identify any customer (or employee of a customer) has downloaded, shared or copied files or log-in details we reserve the right to investigate.

    (See section 7)

    6. 3rd Party Use

    The Sportitude website should only be accessed by staff employed directly by the customer.

    Supply teachers (or similar) may be given printed copies of planning and resources but may not be given the log-in details to access the site.

    3rd party contractors, such as sports coaching companies, are prohibited from accessing the site or using Sportitude planning or resources without prior, written approval from Sportitude.

    If our random usage checks identify that your membership log-in details are being regularly used by another school or academy we reserve the right to investigate. (See section 7)

    7. Unacceptable Use

    Unacceptable use is considered to be any activity that directly contravenes the contractual agreement between parties.

    Any customer who downloads, copies or share files, and cannot offer a satisfactory explanation, will have their subscription terminated without refund.

    Any customer whose membership log-in is being regularly used by another school/academy or other schools and academies, and cannot offer a satisfactory explanation, will have their subscription terminated without refund.

    Should it be proven that a customer has shared their log-in details, they will be liable for the cost of a full subscription for each school/academy that has used their details fraudulently.

    8. Cancellation/Termination

    Sportitude reserves the right to terminate the membership of any school or academy that breaks the contractual agreement between the parties.

    In this event, the customer will not receive any refund- part or whole.

    Sportitude will never terminate memberships without contacting you first to investigate the circumstances for concern.

    Sportitude will only cancel subscriptions and offer refunds in the event that a customer is unable to use the full functionality of the website and it can be shown that this is an error on our part.

    9. Use of Images, Photos and the Sportitude Logo

    All photos on the site are used with the expressed permission of the parents/carers of all subjects.

    All images are licensed through photo stock sites or are considered to be in the public domain.

    Any individuals or organisations who object to the use of any images should contact Sportitude directly. If said images are privately licensed or similar, Sportitude will remove them at your request.

    The Sportitude logo is a registered trademark and may only be used by customers to highlight the use of the Sportitude program on their website and in written communications.

    10. Liability and disclaimer

    Sportitude is a resource and we cannot be held accountable for incidents, injuries or outcomes.

    Despite fantastic verbal feedback, Sportitude is not officially recommended or endorsed by any National Governing Bodies for sport nor Ofsted or the DfE.

    Any advice, suggestions or recommendations made by Sportitude are for guide purpose only. They should not supersede your own school/academy or LEA rules and guidelines.