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  • Coming Soon to Sportitude

    Our commitment to our members is simple. To provide the ultimate Primary school sports resource. Just like in any good PE lesson, we won’t be standing still! We will update the site with new content  regularly. This page highlights all regular updates and upcoming projects:

  • Weekly
    • Sportitude World News Update (Tuesdays)
    • Premier League Table Update (Tuesdays)
  • Monthly
    • Minimum 1 new Certificate
    • Minimum 1 new Sporting Hero Biography
    • Minimum 1 new Top Tip
    • Minimum 1 new Playtime Activity
    • Minimum 1 new Classroom Contingency Activity

    *All updated on 1st on each month*

  • Medium Term Projects
    • To source and work with an outstanding Football coaching provider to create a 6 week Football curriculum for all age levels. Target date: Summer 2017.
    • To source and work with an outstanding Cricket coaching provider to create a 6 week Cricket curriculum for all age levels to improve the Striking & Fielding curriculum, which currently focuses on Rounders. Target date: Summer 2017.
    • To create a Dance unit on the website. We have already agreed, in principle, collaborations with 2 experienced and talented Dance instructors. Target date: Summer 2017.
  • Long Term Projects
    • To add a forum on the website for the Sportitude community to share experiences, best practises and to highlight any improvements or new content required.
    • To create a nationwide list of approved coaches and coaching companies to assist our members in finding local experts to help improve their in-school and extra-curricular sports programs.